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The International CAtastrophic Risks Forum
4th Edition
October 1st-2nd, 2007
Bucharest, Romania
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Ministerul Internelor si Reformei Adminstrative
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The World Bank


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The Romanian Insurance Supervisory Commission


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The National Association of Insurance and Reinsurance Companies from Romania

The National Union of Insurance Brokerage and Consultancy Societies from Romania


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Parliament Palace, Nicolae Iorga Hall
MONDAY, October 1st

9.30-10.00 Registration & Welcome Coffee

10.00-10.15 - Opening remarks

10.15-11.30 Session I - The Romanian Catastrophe Insurance Program: current status


  • Report on the status of the Insurance Law and implementation of the Insurance Component
  • World Bank's involvement in disaster mitigation schemes & the importance of finalizing the Romanian disaster insurance program.
  • Insurance industry on catastrophe insurance

Invited speakers:

  • Sergiu COSTACHE, Media XPRIMM (download)
  • Mr. Radu Mircea POPESCU, Councillor, The Ministry of Interior and Administrative Reform, Romania
  • Mr. Eugene GURENKO, Lead Insurance and Risk Management Specialist Capital and Risk Markets Operations and Policy Department Financial Sector Vice-Presidency, World Bank, USA (download)
  • Mr. Dan CONSTANTINESCU, Member of the CSA-The Romanian Supervisory Commission Council
  • Mr. Gabriel IONITA, Senior Agriculture and Irrigation Specialist ECSSD, World Bank, Romania
  • Mrs. Florentina ALMAJANU, Director General, UNSAR, Romania
  • Mr. Bogdan ANDRIESCU, President, UNSICAR, Romania


11.30-12.00 Coffee break

12.00-13.00 Session II - Key features of the Romanian Catastrophe Insurance Program


  • Hazard risk mitigation and emergency preparedness project (HRMEP)
    - Component A: Strengthening the Emergency Management and Disaster Financing Capacity
    - Component B: Earthquake Risk Reduction
  • The structure and key business implications of the law
  • Application Norms for the Law regarding the mandatory households insurance

Invited speakers:

  • Mrs. Daniela GHETU, Editorial Director, PRIMM Magazine - Insurance & Pensions, Romania (download)
  • Mr. Aurel BILANICI, PMU Director, Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform, Romania (download)
  • Mr. Daniel POPA, PMU Engineer, MDLPL-The Ministry of Development, Public Works and Housing, Romania (download)
  • Mr. Inderjit CLAIRE, Vicepresident, RMSI, India (download)

13.00-14.00 Business lunch

14.00-15.00 Session III - Operational Issues of the Program


  • Development of the guidelines on Risk Management, Assets Allocation and Operation of Romanian Catastrophe Insurance Scheme (PAID)
  • Catastrophe Scheme Consortium: introduction, role and added value
  • Reinsurers' perspectives on the project. Role of the reinsurance industry in the management of catastrophic risks

Invited speakers:

  • Mr. Guy HUDSON, Executive Director, WILLIS, U.K. (download)
  • Mr. Simon FOREMAN, Director, Central & Eastern Europe AON Ltd., U.K. (download)
  • Mr. John MOORE, Head of the Benfield ReMetrics Team London, U.K.

15.00-15.30 Coffee break

15.30-17.00 Session IV - Disaster risk management in Europe


  • Risk mapping and zoning approaches (floods and earthquake) in Europe. National platforms for disaster reduction of European countries
  • Insurability of natural risks in Austria
  • Risk Management Strategies for Governments of Developing Countries
  • Preventing and mitigating flooding risks; Landslides Risk Mitigation
  • Weather related catastrophes. Warming climate - source of major changes in the risk profile of the European territories

Invited speakers:

  • Mr. Aurel BILANICI, PMU Director, Ministry of Interior and Administration Reform, Romania (download)
  • Mrs. Anita SCHONEGGER, Manager Property, VVO-Austrian Insurers Association, Austria (download)
  • Mr. Victor CARDENAS, Deputy Director of Catastrophe Risks, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, United Mexican States (download)
  • Mrs. Silke HUEBNER, Instrat Modelling Specialist, GUY CARPENTER, U.K. (download)
  • Mr. Roland NUSSBAUM, Chairman, Natural Hazards Working Group, CEA & Managing Director of Mission Risques Naturels, France (download 1) (download 2)


20.30 Dinner

TUESDAY, October 2nd

9.30-10.00 Registration & Welcome Coffee

10.00-13.00 Session V - Climate Change & its Implications for the European Economy


  • What are weather derivative contracts and how they work - a market overview
  • Hedging the risk of weather volatility through tradable weather risk
    contracts and non-tradable insurance derivatives
  • Weather risk market development
  • Agricultural catastrophic risks management - assessment and financing methods

Invited speakers:

  • Mr. Sergiu COSTACHE, Media XPRIMM (download)
  • Mr. Corneliu PASCU, President, Committee on Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry, Romania
  • Mrs. Beatrice POPESCU, PMU Director, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Romania (download)
  • Mr. Inderjit CLAIRE, Vicepresident, RMSI, India (download)
  • Mr. Paul CIOBOTARU, Vice-general Manager, FATA Asigurari
  • Mrs. Maura KLASSEK, Consultant, Romania
  • Mr. Eugene GURENKO, Lead Insurance and Risk Management Specialist Capital and Risk Markets Operations and Policy Department Financial Sector Vice-Presidency, World Bank, USA (download)

13.00-13.30 Official Conclusions

13.30-16.00 Business Lunch & Networking

 Note: the Organizers can operate any changes necessary to improve this program without prior notice.

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