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Household insurance - The time has come

October 12th, 2010, Parliament Palace - Bucharest, Romania
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ICAR 2010


Mandatory household insurance, a project on which there has been done a lot of work in the last 5 years, has finally become a reality.

ICAR 2010 thus marked a historical moment, the result of an over 8 years road, when it had been debated the first draft on mandatory household insurance. Between 2005-2007, through the collaboration between the Ministry of Administration and Interior and ISC, with support of World Bank, UNSAR, UNSICAR, the associative structures of local administrations and of homeowners associations, the draft of the current law was elaborated, which was adopted by Government in 2007.

This was the context for the 2010 Edition of ICAR-International Catastrophic Risks Forum, organized in partnership by MAI - the Ministry of Administration and Interior, ISC - Insurance Supervisory Commission, the Prefect Institution of Bucharest and Media XPRIMM.

Also, the seventh and most important Edition of the main European event dedicated to catastrophic risks occurred with the extraordinary participation of the World Forum of Catastrophe Programmes representatives.

ICAR 2010 took place on October 12th, 2010, at the Parliament Palace. The forum focused on the start and the future development of mandatory household insurance, and also on the catastrophic risks management policies and on the role of public authorities in their management and financing.


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